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Introduction into Jonathan's Quantum World...

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Welcome to

My name is Jonathan Moore. I live in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada.

This website is dedicated to the over thirty-year study that brought me to living my authentic self, living with real purpose, truth and intention. I use this knowledge that I have amassed over the years to help others reach beyond what they think they know and into a realm of self-discovery that brings peace, joy, health and balanced purposeful living.

I am a clairsentient light-worker with a gift of the ability to see with my eyes, the field of energy or aura, that is a part of every thing on the earth.

As a result of this "seeing" I became keenly interested in specialized field of quantum physics as it relates to holistic bio-energy healing. I see a person or object as a vibrating pattern of light-energy when I tune in to it. I wanted to understand from a scientific point of view, what it was I see

I asked what is it? Where does it come from? Why is it there? How is it there? What makes it work? And most importantly, what will I do with it? All of these questions and more were answered as I got deeper into the science of quantum physics and deeper into the spiritual side of the human experience.

The spiritual side of the equation is where the mindfulness of co-creation with spirit comes into play. I combine science, guided visualization and spirit into a healing method that seems to know no boundary and no limit to what might be achieved.

Quantum science has proven that everything in our universe, including the universe itself, is a vibrating pattern of atomic electro-magnetic energy (E=MC2) that is supported by an inherent intelligence of mind. The quantum science "Double Slit" experiment indicates that Matter, or a particle of an atom, an electron, seems to have an inherent awareness that it is being observed and responds to the observer's expectation. Wow! So how do we operate this intelligence to our bring about our highest good?

My quantum science study was driven by my desire to understand from a scientific point of view that what I see is real. Similar to the air we breathe, quantum particle energy that makes up all things in the universe is all around us all the time and responds to our thoughts, visualizations and intentions.

Propelled by my insatiable appetite for the understanding of how things work, I went down a deep quantum rabbit hole of discovery into the quantum mechanics of reality and into what it takes to affect the quantum field in order to realize the realities of desire hand in hand with the spiritual aspects of deep subconscious mindfulness.

I have conducted hundreds of experiments in auric energy-field vision with the intention of discovering how my ability to see quantum energy can best be used to help myself and other people where they become balanced in their lives in order for us all to live a life we love.

I enter a part of my mind that is not of the material world. It's the part that is intangible that we all have within us but may not understand how it works or how we might mindfully employ it to our and other people's benefit. I create a space and open a channel for my clients to discover a method of healing that is not offered by the often failing allopathic medical system.

So come with me into a world of discovery and healing where you may open your mind to the realm of limitless possibilities.

Book a session with me to put you on your own path to quantum energy balance and a new focus on mind, body and spirit health.

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