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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Hello Jonathan, April 1, 2022

It’s been interesting. I felt really uplifted and alive when I left (the session) and continue to feel that way. Music immediately sounded richer and more enjoyable. Colours seem brighter and more vibrant. I slept well that night and several nights after but then went through a period where falling a sleep was challenging. That seems to have subsided. My hip still hurts but I feel liberated and capable of doing anything that I put my mind to.

I feel completely connected to the God of my understanding whom I feel connected to from within. There is no doubt in faith of God/Self. My intuition is very strong. It was a very pleasant experience for me. I continue to see the energy all around me whenever I choose to look and I also continue to see aura’s when I look. I think my gift of feeling energy is stronger than before. I think it is fair to say that there is very little that isn’t transparent to me.

Thank you,



Alexander B.:

“The session we had was an empowering experience.

I feel a lot cleaner and more free energetically, more myself.

Releasing unwanted entities and cutting energetic ties to attachments that do not serve me was wonderfully beneficial.

I feel a lot more myself, cleaner and with more energy, and an increased sense of freedom.

I am also experiencing a deeper sense of peace along with a profound trust in the divine plan of my unfolding.

Thank you Jonathan."



Angelyn T. (Owner Xenia Spiritual Retreat):

“My horse had a collateral ligament injury for 5 months after taking him for X-rays to make sure nothing was fractured or broken.

I was told all I can do is rest his leg for several months. Jonathan worked with my horse, which the day before was still lame. After treating him for 30 minutes, his leg was way better and not lame at all.

I was very impressed with the results and to make sure it wasn’t just a coincidence, I asked him to come back to my retreat centre and work with some of my staff and friends.

Jonathan has an astute ability to see into a person (or animal’s) field and detect the source of injury, pain or disease. I was really impressed with his assessment and understanding without having former knowledge of the person’s problem area. My personal experience was profound and I received a clear communication for my path ahead and he confirmed what I knew to be true.

Thank you Jonathan"





"I came to Jonathan for some energy work as I was recognizing the need for more balance within myself on an emotional and spiritual level. He really took the time to talk to me about how he does his work and answered any questions that I may have had lingering in my mind. The two sessions with Jonathan resulted in me feeling like a load had been lifted off of my body, making me feel lighter both physically and emotionally. As an empathic person, I sometimes find it difficult to stop the flow of my own energy outside of myself, resulting in me taking on another person's negative energy, very often without realizing it. I was shown some techniques to help me safeguard my energy, rather than allowing it to gravitate towards any energy "suckers" requiring fulfillment. Now I find I am more aware and able to hold my own space, knowing that it really all begins and ends with me. For as much as Jonathan was able to help me find balance energetically, I need to continue to work on myself much like physical exercise to stay in shape. I know I am worth taking the time to do that and so are you."

Annette H.

Vancouver, BC


Dr. Arlette”

“What Jonathan didn’t find was as equally as impressive as what he did. He tuned into my head area and he discovered that I had been born with a forceps delivery.

I have always felt that this has affected me and when I first lay down on the table my thought was that I would be reborn.

I was delighted that the connection was made and I am awaiting the results of this discovery. I would encourage him to pursue his path of helping other’s in their lives”.

Thank you Jonathan

Dr. Arlette


Jeanine (south Africa):

“Two days after the energetic clearing and healing, I had energy, began to eat again and could sleep right through the night.

The pain has gone in the liver and my skin is healing, (I had sores and painful skin).

My food allergies are going, the candida is on it's way out of my body, the pain in my back is going, my immune system is feeling better now, the diarrhoea has gone, stomach cramps bloating acid reflux, sore throat, sinusitis, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue has all gone. The only problem still, is leaky gut syndrome. Now I just need good bacteria in my intestines to help me on my way to good health.

Thank you for the very good work you do.”

Take care.


South Africa.


Jonathan S.

"Our hour-long meeting was much quieter than I had anticipated. There was not much talking until the session had ended. When I returned to normal consciousness, I knew he had connected/helped me in some way.

He has made me aware of things I already knew and maybe just avoided, as well as things I didn't know and can start working on with the goal of bettering myself, inside and out. One example is smoking cigarettes. He has helped me understand how my "addiction to the box" as he put it, may be hurting me in several different ways. I smoked for 15 years and was very good at it. Our meeting was the last day I put a cigarette in my mouth."

Thank you Jonathan.


Katie K.

"Jonathan helped me during a very challenging period of anxiety & physical pain that didn't seem to belong to me. Not only did he help me flush out these experiences on a very deep level, but also through this, he has helped me reach a more balanced state. He is an amazingly gifted healer, and a beautiful soul!"

Thank you so much Jonathan,



Maria P:

“I believe that people show up in our lives for a very specific reason. Jonathan, thank you for showing up in my life at a critical time enabling me to change it around. It was a very critical point in my cancer with just enough time left to make radical changes. You definitely came from the sky to help me deal with very difficult health issues.

Your energy healing techniques and your blessing words are helping me to heal myself, bringing my body and mind back to balance.

You have a gift of teaching people how to deal with different life issues and situations on their own and not wait for someone else to come and rescue them.

Your passion of the 7 Hermetic principals and detailed explanation of the energy vibration and magnets made me a believer in energy healing myself. Thank you for being so patient with me in you teachings and explanations. There is a lot to learn and with your help, it’s absolutely possible. Your love for all people, nature and Mother Earth is amazing and you do have this absolute LOVE around yourself. Your easy going and friendly attitude makes a comfortable atmosphere for healing and balancing.

Jonathan is a teacher in the highest sense of the word; the teacher who learns and grows constantly himself. Overall today, I feel emotionally, physically and mentally much better and would recommend your treatments to everyone who are interested in energy healing."

Maria P. North Vancouver, B.C. (cancer patient)


Marina R:

“I’ve known for several years, I’ve had issues with my digestive tract.

I communicated to Jonathan what I needed to feel safe and he really heard and honoured that so I could totally trust and relax into the process.

His gentle approach and obvious respect created an environment of trust immediately. Jonathan zeroed in on this specific area, which has prompted me to focus on taking the necessary steps to support this area of my body. He brought the awareness back into my life to remind me of the importance of what I need to do to take better care of my health”.

Thank you Jonathan,



Megumi M.

"At first I didn't get it. But I was sensing this is an ongoing thing. Not only once, I need it again and again until I really got it. What do I get? My core-self. My real energy. My origin. Consciousness changes. This is beyond the mind, but if you are a seeker you will know that you reached something. You start to remember who you are. You are getting back your memory. I am returning home."

Thank you Jonathan.




“Hi Jonathan,

After the session with Jonathan I feel:

A feeling of joy and peace

Blood sugar level became steady

I have deeper clarity

A deeper feeling of love and acceptance

A deeper feeling of trust

I feel no more of that drained out feeling of despair and discouragement

Bottom line, realization, there are lots of feelings I take on in my work environment and such. One of my gifts is to feel and know what people need. That creates some problems and almost everyone I am around is in some sort of turmoil. I feel the best not being at work, even though I love what I do, to inspire and embrace. Though at the end of the day, it seems there is nothing left of me. I am working on being in a more nurturing environment, doing work I love and being nurtured through that work."

Thank you Jonathan

Regina. N. Vancouver, B.C.


Robin C.

“Before I came in to see Jonathan, I had been feeling depressed, apathetic and increasingly frustrated. I was foggy and scatter-brained and could not focus or get a grip on what I wanted. Any effort or dream I could make seemed like a waste of time. I felt like I had been crushed and let down too many ti.mes and taken on too much toxic stress from family and past relationships. I wasn't having much fun anymore but just carried on working hard and doing what I had to do to survive.

I have a strong spirit and remained hopeful underneath everything but I knew something was really off with me. I felt stuck. I had recently been fired from a job that I hated, I was worried about money but I knew that I needed some self-care and had to try something different.

A friend of mine had recommended Jonathan, and I was a bit skeptical at first, but open to the idea. Skeptical because all the other forms of help involved some physical manipulation (like massage or physiotherapy), or you have to talk about your problems (like counselling), or taking medication. But this is different; you don't have to talk about anything until after the session and only if you want to. You just listen to Jonathan and meditate. It took me about a month to wrap my head around the idea and make the appointment.

After my visit with Jonathan, I sat up and could not wipe the smile off my face! It's hard to explain but I just felt happier and lighter than when I had come in. It was a bizarre sort of natural 'high' feeling but I felt good and kind of awkward/different. I can say that the things from my past memories don't seem as serious or important as they had been before. The session allowed me to release things I had been resistant to letting go of. I felt excited instead of nervous or panicky and felt at ease in my own skin, more confident.

I think it's wise to be skeptical at times but I would highly recommend Jonathan for anyone, especially if you are feeling stuck. My life is not perfect but the session caused a shift that needed to happen and I now have the energy and expanded imagination to take on things I am passionate about."

Thank you Jonathan, Robin C. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shelly V. "After my session I have noticed a sense of calm and contentment and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. Also, I felt that there are more, good and exciting changes afoot for me and am truly looking forward to them. A very recent decision to end an almost 6-year relationship was bringing me doubt, anxiety, and was occupying my thoughts the majority of the time. However, after my session with Jonathan, that has greatly diminished. He has given me the tools to help me stay on track with my new way of being. Thank you for the follow up. This is not something that any other practitioners whom I have encountered, has ever done. It shows that you are genuinely interested in your client’s wellbeing and their results." Jonathan, I will be calling you whenever I need an energy tune-up. Shelly V,


Jonathan is incredibly gifted. I have been fortunate to have had several sessions with him over the years, and each time I am left feeling a noticeable shift in my sense of inner-peace, that lasts. He has a remarkable gift of being able to heal multiple layers of the person, to support them in aligning with their purest self. Thank you 💚 Katie C.


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