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What happens during a session?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Firstly, I do not need to know what you think is wrong. In most cases what appears to be the issue is the manifestation of a deeper cause of the dis-ease. I do not need to know what's wrong because the real cause of your condition may not be what you think and could be revealed to me during the session. Also, I'd rather go into the session with no preconceived ideas about your condition. I already know you're hurting otherwise you wouldn't seek out this alternative to the allopathic drug-oriented medical system that has failed you.

This holistic, mind, body, spirit approach to healing has helped many people regain a sense of balance in health both physically and mentally. The testimonials from people show this.

The healing session begins with you sitting on a chair across from me also sitting on a chair at about six feet apart. There is no touching during the session. We will have a brief discussion on what will take place.

You will do some deep-breathing exercises to relax you, then I will guide you into a closed-eye visualization which puts you into a safe and comfortable sleep-like meditative state.

You will be in complete control of your awareness with the ability to come out of it at anytime you choose.

As you are held in the vision I create with you, you do not have to do anything except allow the process to help you and accept the idea that you could be healed.

Once I bring you into the suspended state, I stop speaking and study your electro-magnetic field of atomic energy or what is known as your Aura. Once I go into the depth of your aura, I see you as a vibrating pattern of atomic light-energy. At this time, I may pick up on anomalies or disruptions in your vibration. This often includes empathic feeling of your emotional state, which may be the root cause of your condition.

Some time will pass in this part of the session where the triggering of your healing may occur.

Nearing the end of your session, I will gently guide you back into normal awake consciousness then have a discussion of what I saw and intuitively picked up on along with recommendations for you going forward.

You will have to do some mind-work going forward but it's work you will enjoy doing because it's about you and your life moving into a healthy, balanced state.

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