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This work surprises me

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

When I get into a session with someone, I never know what will happen.

The intent and expectation is that the client will heal from whatever brought them to me.

Frequently, the client only knows what they are feeling... The pain, anxiety, fear and discomfort of what they think is wrong. They tell me something is hurting and they want it to stop hurting. Pretty simple.... No, it runs far deeper than one realizes.

Doing this work has brought an understanding that whatever you are going through, seems to be a manifestation which has caused the body/mind/spirit to go out of vibrational balance. Oftentimes it's a byproduct of an emotional trauma from the past which has not been dealt with and released in a healthy manner.

We live in a four-dimensional reality-world that is made up of constantly moving energy and time called "Nature" which under normal circumstances, is a perfectly aligned and balanced system that self replicates and self heals. To the best of our knowledge and understanding it does not possess "Free Will". Therefore, Nature never has any health issues. It's a constantly giving and receiving balanced system that automatically maintains the balance of forces. If Nature did not do this automatically, chaos would have been the norm and we probably wouldn't even be here.

The only species that we are aware of that has free-will and the ability to create, is us.

We have the ability to imagine, think, feel, say and do whatever we choose at any time we choose. Under normal circumstances, no one can interfere with what we choose to think unless of course we are being held prisoner and subjected to brainwashing. Even then, it takes a lot to reprogram the thinking mind.

So when some very unpleasant emotional event happens, and you can imagine all sorts of things that would trigger unpleasantness, a person might end up in a cycle of ruminating over what went wrong. The cycle of dispair over the unpleasant emotional event, creates a loop of trapped energy. As one carries on for days, weeks, months and years ruminating about what went wrong, it can unfold as a way of life that becomes habitual where the person can't or won't forgive, heal and move forward. All sorts of negative emotions can be at work.

Here's where nature comes into play. We, are a part of Nature whether we like it or not or know it or not, we are. Nature MUST HAVE the constant flow of energy. The balance absolutely MUST be maintained! We have no power over nature. Try as we may, we don't.

Ah, but we unknowingly block the flow of nature because of our own free-will to choose any image, thought, feeling, word or action. This blockage may work for some time but eventually Nature WILL get that energy to come through to it. One way or another, it will happen. So what's the result you ask? Well, since we won't use our mind to overcome what nasty thing happened or what fear, anger, sadness, hatred we have, it will eventually manifest as physical illness in the body because you are not resonating in harmony with Nature. You have unwittingly chosen you frequency to become disharmonic. Remember, everything in our known universe is vibrating at at certain frequency including us.

You see Nature, of which we are a part, is working to maintain the balance. Otherwise complete chaos will ensue and the entire universe will go out of balance and collapse. Nature WILL get that energy one way or another. You have no choice in the matter. So if you won't "let it go" and consciously work through your emotions, you could get sick, very sick and even die a slow and painful death with cancer or some other "Dis-ease".

My work helps you to see this and to understand what actions are required moving forward so that you may return to balance and get into harmony with Nature (yourself). My work may also help you heal the stuck energy and the pain. You will leave the session with new ideas and understanding about why you are here. You will leave with ideas to keep you on track to healing and balance.

Think about it.

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