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Conscious thought and emotion = action

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

All physical action is preceded by thought followed by emotion. Sometimes emotion is first then thought. Whichever it is, nothing can exist without first thinking it. Emotional feeling and thought are the commanders of the force of creation.

Once a thought is imagined and felt as emotion, it triggers the force of creation to move into action, which sets the process into motion. If the creative force continues along that thought line, more action and attractiveness of inspiration follows.

At some point, a reality will manifest that coincides with the way one is using the thought-emotion tool. Bad=Bad while Good=Good. These two principals do not have interchangeable parts. Bad thinking does not amount to good experience.

Good thoughts do not amount to bad experience. It's an unchangeable law of physics. Everything that happens is a consequence of one's own thinking and emotional feeling. "As above, so below”. and Cause and Effect.

Diligent and loving reminders to one's self to express deep gratitude for everything... and I mean everything, both good and bad, will turn the ship around. Becoming aware of what you're doing, thinking and planning, creates a vibration in your being and and image in the mind of what it is you want to have happen. The Universal intelligence conspires on your behalf to bring the people, events and circumstances to bring what is desired into three-dimensional reality.

Never say "I can't or I don't know". Continuously say "I know. I know what I am doing and why I am doing it. I create my experience and it's fun!" Don't worry about how it's going to happen, just know that is going to happen and be excited. The how will present itself along the way. Remember, we have 4 dimensions to play with here, time being the fourth.

We manifest along a timeline that is relative to our experience here. The more we are staying focused on what is desired, the quicker the force of creation manifests our desired thought and emotion into a physical reality.

Once the outcome is realized as an experience, new emotions and thoughts are produced. This then perpetuates until different thoughts and emotions are produced.

The force of creation does not discriminate between good or bad, it just does it's law-of-physics job: physical outcome. It's up to us to decide between good and bad. That's what having free will means. We are free to decide in any and every moment of passing time, what to think and feel.

What do you want? Are you here for a bad time or a good time? You decide. And then get to work on creating what makes you shine.

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