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"Applied Quantum Mechanics"

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

I call my work "Applied Quantum Mechanics".... E=MC2

Quantum particle/wave dynamics plays a large part in energy healing work. When most people think of energy healing, they think only of the spiritual side of the work and throw it out out as woo-woo nonsense. "It hasn't been proven by mainstream science so it must not be a thing" they might say.

My work is based on the fact that we and everything in our universe, is made up of the exact same material... Atoms... vibrating at an innumerable number of different frequencies that are slower than the speed of light.

This work has taken me deeply into the study of the energetic science of healing. It involves the notion that we are simply a mass of atomic energy vibrating a a certain frequency supported by an intangible consciousness-thinking stuff that makes the mass work. Your frequency is as unique as your fingerprints. No two people vibrate at the same frequency.

The mind controls everything. All the automatic functions on the body are controlled by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind produces feelings, images, and unconscious actions. There is a part that is "programmed" for a "flight or fight" response as well. The flight or fight programming is what can either save us from harm or cause trouble.

The outcome of exposing and addressing the underlying subconscious cause of the dis-ease has been experience by more than 90% of clients. This work has had effects of exposing emotional trauma, breaking it down, releasing it and helping to restore balance to the vibrational atomic value that is your own frequency of existence. My work has triggered the client's mind into conscious awareness of what has been happening, why it's happening, what to do about it and how to stay on track to healing and balance.

So lets get into your frequency and see what happens.

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