Quantum Shift Healing

Healing through the application of quantum physics

Welcome to Quantum Shift Healing.


This is where you will learn about a special mode of healing I have developed through my decades-long study of the combination quantum physics and spiritual mindfulness


My holistic no-touch approach has its roots in the understanding that all Matter is a vibrating pattern of quantum atomic energy which I am able to see with my eyes when tuned in to it.

I open a channel with you that connects you to a healing power that seems to know no limit as to what can be achieved.


Helping people find the balance of mind, body and sprit through energy healing is the greatest gift I could ever imagine having.


I am honoured to have this gift of "quantum clairvoyance" and to use it to help you heal.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. However, the success rate for healing has been ver high at more than 90%.

Sessions run approximately one hour.


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Thanks for your interest in Jonathan's world. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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